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Dionysia zschummelii

Guest photographers: Marijn van den Brink

Botanical Description
Forming very dense efarinose cushions. Leaves 5-6mm long, 1.5mm wide, bluish green, sparsely covered with short hairs, margin sharply reflexed. Corolla pale lilac to lavender, 10-12mm diameter, tube 10-11mm long, divided into ovate, rather deeply emarginate lobes. Discovered in 2001 and initially considered to be a microform variety of D. archibaldii, it is now considered sufficiently distinct to be given species rank. Known only from Ghadee Kuh, between Aligoudarz and Shoulabad in Lorestan Province, Iran where it grows on limestone cliffs, 2400-2700m. Whilst relatively easy to grow when young, mature specimens are less often seen and it is still relatively uncommon in cultivation. DZ I 01-17, T4Z166, JLMS02-111, CIA148-1, CIA148-2, CIA148-4. 


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