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Dionysia zagrica

Guest photographers: Dieter Zschummel

Botanical Description
Forming small deep green cushions with rather stiff and thick flat leaves. Corolla and calyx hairy. Tube 10-14mm long, limb 5-7mm in diameter, yellow. Western Iran, on and around the Karobas Pass near Semirom, 1900-2450m. Although discovered in 1973 it was only introduced at the turn of the century, JZZ05-55, JZZ05-56, JJMZ04-38 and T4Z1039. Other introductions which were initially attributed to this species but subsequently reassessed as being a new species, D. khuzistanica are SLIZE176, DZ I 00-48, JLMS02-69 and T4Z121. 2016 introductions are CIA173-1 CIA173-2 and CIA173-3 from 2100m near Chelagh in Bakhtiari Province and CIA213 from 2700m Kuh-e Sehquoteh, also in Bakhtiari Province. 


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