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Dionysia rhaptodes

This Dionysia we found on the 2nd of April 2003 in the isolated mountain range of the Kuh-e Jupar, south of the city of Kerman. It was the first Dionysia we found after returning to Iran from the Emirates and Oman. Plants were growing in vertical limestone cliffs at altitudes ranging from 2300-2700m. Most of the plants found were in full flower. In order to find the plants we drove as high as possible, we found a track following a dry riverbed. The last part only accessible with a 4WD with sufficient ground clearance. At 2350m we found a siutable place to stay for the night. In the late afternoon I climbed higher up the mountain, while Josť and Lex stayed with the car. At an altitude of approx. 2700m I found the most beautiful plants of Dionysia rhaptodes in full flower!
Although there must be growing an other Dionysia species in these mountains, Dionysia oreodoxa, we only saw plants of Dionysia rhaptodes. According the book The Genus Dionysia, both species are very similar and there is some doubt about the differences between the 2 species. On the 5th of April we visited these mountains again, this time the eastern parts. Also on this occasion we only found Dionysia rhaptodes.