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Dionysia iranshahrii

When we went to the Kuh-e Pashmaku mountains near the town of Semirom we hoped to meet well-known Harry Jans and Chris Grey-Wilson and 2 other guys. They were on a plant hunting trip too and had planned to be in Semirom on the 28th and 29th of April. Its possible to drive all the way up the mountain, but this time the track  was very muddy and slippery. We stayed for the night on the plateau, which gave the impression of being in a huge volcano crater. At an altitude of 2800m temperatures were low, some 8C. Next morning skies were clear, and on this 28th April 2003 we found the first plants of Dionysia iranshahrii in full flower, growing at approx. 2850m on the east and south east sides of vertical cliffs. The rest of that day we waited for Harry Jans and his group, but on this day nobody showed up...
In the morning of the next day I made another walk along the ridges of the
beautiful Kuh-e Pashmaku mountain, and again found many flowering Dionysia iranshahrii plants together with some Dionysia revoluta. 
Dionysia iranshahrii was discovered in 1974, and introduced in cultivation by the
1998 SLIZE expedition.