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Dionysia iranica

Guest photographers: Dieter Zschummel

Botanical Description
Forming dense, bright green cushions, up to 25cm in cultivation. Leaves 5-9mm long, 1.8-3mm wide, glabrous, oblong-spathulate, entire and rather thick. Flowers sessile, corolla bright yellow, limb 7mm in diameter, tube 15mm long. The tube is rather brittle and if broken when removing flowers can provide an entry point for botrytis which can take hold surprisingly quickly given the glabrous nature of the species. Only discovered at the end of the 20th century and introduced by four expeditions over the next four years, all from around Kuh-e Badamestan in Bakhtiari Province, Iran where it grows on limestone cliffs, 1500-2750m. JMM01-45, DZ I 00-37, T4Z118, JLMS02-65, KUHI265-2, CIA203. A further specimen, CIA199 is provisionally also determined to be this species. 


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