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Dionysia haussknechtii

From the Zarde Kuh range we managed to find an unpaved road in northwest direction towards the city of Aligudarz. This whole region is very beautiful and is full of remote valleys and hidden gorges. We think there are still some new species to be found in this area and we hope to return here one day... After we picked up the road coming from Aligudarz, we continued in the direction of Shoulabad. We had been here already during our trip in 2000 and at that time found some nice plants of Dionysia haussknechtii. We first went to the spot where we had found those plants, but on this 14th of May 2003 most plants had withered flowers only! These plants are growing, together with Viola pachyrrhiza, at an altitude of approx. 2450m. But we knew there is a pass at 2900m in this road and hoped to find flowering plants there. And indeed, here we found plants still nice flowering!
This species was also introduced in cultivation by the 1998 SLIZE expedition.