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Dionysia gaubae

Guest photographers: Dieter Zschummel and Marijn van den Brink

 Botanical Description
Tufted perennial forming rather lax cushions up to 25cm in diameter after six years. Efarinose, branches woody and bare below with marcescent leaves immediately below the densely leafy apex. Flowers sessile, corolla bright yellow, 20-24mm long, limb 10-11mm broad, divided into obovate, slightly overlapping lobes. Both short and exserted styled forms are known. D. gaubae var. megalantha Liden differs particularly in respect of the corolla size, up to 28mm long and 16mm wide, and longer leaves. Both forms are known from various sites around Khorramabad in Lorestan Province, Iran growing on steep limestone cliffs between 1000m and 2400m. D. gaubae sensu stricto is represented in cultivation by JMM01-06 and DZ I 00-34 and CIA108; var. megalantha by T4Z1028 and JLMS02-113. Undetermined clones include T4Z190 and KUHI283-1.


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