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Dionysia diapensiifolia

After we had been to Tehran to get our new leaf spring for our car, we went back in the direction of the city of Shiraz, so way back to the south east again. On our way to Shiraz we also went to the Kuh-e Khataban range, near the town of Sureyan, to search for Dionysia esfandiarii. Unfortunately we did not find it. Continuing towards Shiraz we spotted a nice valley and decided to stop here for the night. When we entered the valley we saw yet another promising gorge, close to the entrance a nice spot to park the car. In the morning of 23rd of April 2003 we went for a walk inside the gorge, already at the entrance we spotted the first plants of Dionysia diapensiifolia in flower! They were growing on both sides of the gorge, most of them complete inaccessible. Even goats could not reach them... Luckily further in the gorge I could make some pictures, but I always had to take some risk to get close enough.
We also found some plants of Dionysia revoluta and a beautiful Silene species.

Dionysia diapensiifolia has a long history, in 1605 there were already pictures made of this species. In that time plants were used as a drug, as far as Bombay they were traded.
This dionysia is not easy in cultivation, and is difficult to propagate.