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Dionysia curviflora

After we had found Dionysia janthina, We decided to stay at the entrance of the gorge for the night. Next day we went further along the road to the town of Dehbala. Just before this town we saw another gorge entrance and decided to have a look. Not far from the entrance we found the first plants of Dionysia curviflora, but most plants were past flowering. So we climbed up higher on the sidewall of the gorge and found more and more plants in flower. Of some of the plants the colour of the flowers had already faded, others were still quite fresh. This explains the variety in colors you can see in the pictures. This dionysia was found on the 15th of april 2003 at altitudes between 2300--2600m. All growing on the northwest side of the gorge, also this gorge is actually not part of the Shir Kuh although very close to it. Because of the problems with our car we were not able to visit the Shir Kuh range. Its a very scenic range, sometimes it looked like we were somewhere in the Alps! One day we hope to return and have a closer look!

This dionysia species is one of the longest in cultivation, today there are various forms available. Its an easy species, and can be propagated by cuttings and seed.