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Dionysia archibaldii

From the Lordegan area we went northwest through the Zagros mountains in the direction of the city of ShareKord. This whole region is very beautiful and needs some more exploring! We first went to the Zarde Kuh range and into the Kuhrang valley. From one point we could follow the Kuhrang river, after a while we saw some suitable rocks were Dionysia archibaldii could grow. On this 5th of May 2003, after a short walk, we found Dionysia archibaldii in flower on vertical north facing so called Bazoft conglomerate rocks. Altitude approx. 2500m. This Bazoft conglomerate is build up from small rounded stones which are, in a way, cemented together. In some places water was dripping down on plants, many of them growing under overhanging rocks. The late Jim Archibald first discovered this species in 1966. Also this species has a limited distribution. Its not really an easy species in cultivation, but can be propagated by cuttings quite easy.